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Jun 9, 2018 by Delinda Cammarata

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Centre of Legal Excellence ( CLE) is a unit of Consortium of E-Learning network, a legal domain focused on bringing all the major stakeholders of the legal fraternity to one platform to disseminate knowledge. The main objective of CLE is to impart essential and new legal insights by way of Journals, Books, Quick training programs, Workshops and Conferences. The services of CLE can be acquired by way of membership. This membership is offered to various categories of members like institutions, students, and people of the legal fraternity. The journals in CLE provide a practical views on key legal issues with reference to the various themes of the journals.


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LAW JOURNALS an imprint of CLE is established with the goal of being a powerful tool for setting the standards for legal research Law Journals is a peer-reviewed Bi-annual journal primarily with 15 journals focusing on multi-disciplinary approaches to legal writing. A Professional Commissioning Board oversees the Journal, with an Editorial Board assisting them. Law journals consist of Articles, Case Studies, Review articles and research articles on all elements of law and related topics are published in over 15 Law Journals. Modern legal studies, as well as its basic philosophical ideas, are given significant attention in these journals.

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April 9, 2022

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April 9, 2022


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