Webinar on Vacancies and its Impact on Democracy

About the Webinar :

Independence of judiciary is the sine quo non of a system wherein democratic system of governance is in practice; Neither the Legislature nor the executive should be given liberty to dictate terms to judges as to what decisions should they give, judges should be appointed in accordance with law, they would work as law dictates; The Indian system which is wedded to the idea of justice and equality has created a three tier hierarchical structure with Supreme Court at the apex, High Courts in the middle and the primary judiciary at common man’s level to take care of immediate needs of a very complex socio-cultural and politico-economic system. The timely justice has been the legitimate expectation since the generation in a civilized society.

There is a famous saying by English politician, “justice delayed is justice denied”. Timely disposal of case is essential for maintaining Rule of Law and providing access to justice which is a guaranteed fundamental right. Therefore, it is eminently important to realize and understand that a healthy judicial system delivering justice to common man is a pre-requisite and kernel of a democratic order. The crisis of delays that has engulfed the Indian judicial process calls for responses at multiple levels of decision-making. A range of reforms needs to be initiated for dealing with delays and ensuring access to justice. The online lecture will deal with every details of the composition and functions of different courts, its existing vacancies, backlog of cases, problems and solutions and remedies.


Vacancies and its Impact on Democracy


  • Independence of Judiciary
  • composition and functions of different courts
  • backlog of cases, problems  and remedies
  •  timely justice


Former Head, Department of Law,

(2008-2011 & 2014- 2017)

School of Social Sciences

North-Eastern Hill University (A Central University), 

Shillong, Meghalaya, India


Prof.. Chintamani Rout is currently working as the Professor, in the Department of Law, School of Social Sciences, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong. Before joining NEHU as Reader in 2007 and re-designated as Associate Professor in 2010, he was the Faculty Member in ICFAI Law School, ICFAI University, Dehradun, Utarakhand from 30 th June 2003 to 11 the January 2007. Prof. Rout  also worked as a Lecturer in Bhadrak Law College Bhadrak, Odisha from 1 st December, 1993 to 30 th June, 2003. He has a long academic carrier having 27 years teaching experience, published more than 53 Research Papers in different journals & periodicals and presented more than hundred papers in National and International Seminars. His Principal Research areas include Constitutional Law and Commercial Law. To his credit he has authored two text books in law (1) Personal Liberty
and Human Rights, (2) Judicial Pronouncement and Stifling Prosecution. He has successfully guided two Ph. D Scholars for the award of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Law), other eight scholars are doing research under him and he is actively engaged in teaching & research work. He is a passionate teacher loves teaching only.