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CLE publishes various Law books under NOLEGEIN. All books incorporate in-depth and current knowledge of all areas of Law. These books will give Law students a far better understanding and knowledge from best practices to professional development

Unreserved Books (You can associate with us as Authors/Editors/Reviewers for below mentioned Books)

Suggested Names for Books:

  1. Contemporary Human Rights Law across borders
  2. Child trafficking laws in India
  3. Rights of Women in India: Before and after Independence
  4. Laws governing Divorce in India
  5. Child custody Laws in India
  6. Family Courts: issues &challenges
  7. Indian Trademark Law and Practice
  8. Challenges of IPR in India
  9. Patent Law in Indian Context
  10. Basics of Tort Law
  11. Foundations &Principles of Tort Law
  12. Corporate Governance in global business
  13. Changing Paradigms of Corporate Governance
  14. An Overview of Capital Market and Securities Law
  15. An Evolution of Indian Banking Law
  16. Banking and Insurance Law: Theory &Practice
  17. Changing Paradigms of Labour and Industrial Law in India
  18. Labour and Industrial Laws: Challenges
  19. Real Estate Law in Practice
  20. Ethical dimensions of Criminal Law
  21. Understanding Criminal Law

Benefits for Authors/Editors

  • Free of Cost Publication
  • Free Online and Printed Certificate
  • Separate biography page in book
  • Royalty for Author/Editor
  • Free Sample copy of the book**

Benefits for Reviewer

  • The Reviewer’s name will be printed in the List of Reviewers
  • Free Online and Printed Certificate
  • Reviewing of the book will add to the CV
  • Free Sample copy of the book**

If you are interested, kindly send us your CV and Title of book to [email protected] or [email protected].

Reviewers/Authors/Editors gain access to fresh/new ideas in their area(s) of expertise.

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