India's Premier Legal Knowledge Excellence Competition

What is Centre for Legal Excellence?

Centre for Legal Excellence (CLE) is a body that provides innovative and efficient products based on the integration of academics, life skills and exposure to Law & legal aspects. It is a leading research network for people of the law fraternity like the professionals, lawyers, academicians, researchers and students that would help them to perform self-directed or self-paced learning and will simultaneously aspire them to improve professional skills. CLE aims to impart knowledge and skills to the people in law fraternity that’ll manage issues related to Law and developing professional practices. It is a forum which connects the entire Law Fraternity to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge of different fields of Law and research, share evidence and ideas and generate solutions.

Legal Erudite

Legal talent Excellence Competition invites all members of law fraternity (Legal Practitioners, Academicians, Research Scholars, Students and Law Firms) who enjoy writing, to participate in the competition. The competition wishes to provide a platform to all the members of law fraternity having magnificent writing skills to express their unique thoughts. This competition is open for law fraternity globally.

Aims & Objectives

The CLE is aimed to act as a platform for promoting high-quality research and writing on a variety of Law issues. The aim of this competition is to promote Law research among students, researchers, academicians and young professionals. Our primary objective is to develop a sense of enthusiasm towards Law research and provide a platform to exhibit the skills in a way that is helpful to the Law fraternity. In our endeavor, we will provide a range of opportunities to Law students and faculties to hone their knowledge and research skills.