In order to gauge the articles, the following parameters will be used:
  • Uniqueness of the topic – 10 points 
     The content of the submission should be unique and not copied. It is a mandatory practice to adhere to the allowed plagiarism percentage. If the contents are purely copied, it will be rejected as such practices are unacceptable and against the standard norms of the competition.
  • Content Clarity – 10 points 
     The objective of the study should be clear and written precisely tot he point. The purpose of the submission should be consistently engaging and apparent to the reader. If the objective of the study is ambiguous, it shall be subjected to negative marking.
  • Extent of Research – 10 points 
    The content should be clear to an extent that there is a balanced presentation of relevant and legitimate information that clearly supports a central purpose or argument and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of a significant topic. It is important to that the reader gains important insights. If the content is vague and leaves the reader misinformed, it shall be scrutinized.
  • Grammar – 10 points 
    The ideas of the research needs to be logically and clear. There should be an established nexus between the research topic and the subheadings. The reader should be able to understand the contextual and theoretical framework comprehensively. There will be negative marking,
  • Plagiarism – 10 points  
    The tone of the writing should be professional and the feel should be intriguing to the reader. It will be unacceptable if the writing tone is unprofessional and inappropriate for academic writing. Most importantly, slang language shall not be entertained.
  • Structure – 10 points 
    The writing should be well structured and organized in a way that it is easy for the reader to understand. If the writing is not structured properly, it might be of distraction to the reader and may result in disinterest.
  • Flow of Research/Content – 10 points 
    The writing should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. The minimum the errors, the more chances of the gaining marks. These errors may cause misinterpretation of facts and arguments of the writing, leading to negative marking.
  • Word Count - 10 points 
    Strict adherence to the word limit will result in obtaining more marks, whereas inconsistency with the word limit may result in negative marking or even rejection of the submission.
  • Quality of reference - 10 points
    References should be primarily peer- reviewed professional journals or from other approved sources (government documents, agency manuals, etc.). Failure to use good quality , genuine and approved  reference, may lead to negative marking.
  • Use of References - 10 points 
    Use of appropriate and necessary references is considered to be support to the author’s writing and is an encouraged practice. Failing to use references may lead in ambiguous interpretations.
Decision of Jury is final and is binding on all the participants.